Grand Final Winners

Seniors      Inter 

U14           Inter 

Reserves   Inter

U17          Inter

U12          Centrals

Congrats to minor premiership winners:
Seniors: Inter, Reserves: Inter, U17: Centrals, U14: Inter, U12: Centrals
Currently LCFA can’t enter all match results on SportsTG. I’m currently working on Results and Tables, including sanction cards and top scorers. See below link:

NEW LINK ; Referee Allocation

LCFA has been notified by Millicent (U14s) and Naracoorte (U17s) they their club will not fill that grade for the Premiership series.

All U12s Matches against Millicent will be moved from 9am to the U14 slot at 1:35pm.

All U12s Matches against Naracoorte will be moved from 9am to the U17 slot at 10:10am


Referee course :  URGENT NEEDED club referees for 2017.  refs courses  ………………………..


Centre Referees for Junior Grade Matches (U12, U14, & U17) and all linesperson for senior games (appointed by club) must be qualified a minimum level 4 Junior for 2017 .  Junior  club linesperson need minimum of Law of the game certificate  Law of the Game LOTG – LCFRA 2015

All coaches for any WBSA Matches for 2017 must have a minimum requirement  e.g. SKILL Training Certificate  or previous junior coaching licence/ticket. If club coaches are not accredited  than sanctions apply.


NEW HISTORY of LCFA/WBSA . (this page is a work in progress).  Click on History located in the Home (on the Blue Tab) Then click on the LCFA History link.  If you have any new info on WBSA history or have any teamsheets please send an email to cdwbsa@hotmail.com.