Coaches Corner

Advanced Pathway Coaching Licence Revalidation

All Football Australia Advanced Coaching Licences must be valid (accredited) for 3 consecutive years. New licences are issued for a 3 year period and existing licences will be re-validated for three years, when revalidation is due.

During this period coaches are required to gain 100 Points of “Continued Professional Development” (CPD) to have their licence revalidated for a further three years.

Advanced Licence Reaccreditation process

DRIBL / FSA Match Day Process for Coaches & Managers

Community Coaching Pathway

Discovery Phase (MiniRoos ages 5 – 9) Coaching Sessions

Skill Acquisition Phase (ages 9 – 12) Coaching Sessions

Skill Acquisition Phase Sessions

Skill Acquisition Manual

Game Training Phase (ages 12 – 16) Coaching Sessions

Performance Phase (ages 16+) Coaching Sessions

Goalkeeper Warm Up Programme